Using the Syrups

Flambéed King Prawns with organic wild bay-leaves syrup

For cooking and to drink

Be you a novice gourmet or a confirmed cook, our four concentrated flavor syrups will make you savour the tastes of our « garrigue », revealing all the subtlety of these plants often misknown for their finesse.

One dash of our organic wild herbal syrups, 100% natural, shall enlighten a glass of still or fizzy water (revealing the aroma) or gently perfume infusions and hot drinks.

The smoothness of their texture shall coat fruits, desserts, ice-creams and dairy products replacing sugar.
They shall flavour sauces, marinades and stews, vinaigrettes, ice-cubes, jams, entremets but also bread slices.

They shall deglaze vegetables, meats, fish and seafood. Suitable for steam cooking, roasted, grilled, panned, braised and papillote dishes, planchas, stir-fries, tajines and barbecues, they shall marry the flavours of your preparations.

Garrigue aromas along with charcuterie, fresh or cured cheese, they shall also be perfect along with foie gras.
Delicious as a kir, as well as revisiting your cocktail recipes.

100% natural

Our Organic Herbal Syrups are 100% natural and contain neither coloring nor preservatives but only spring water, cane sugar and herbs.

After opening, they should be kept refrigerated and used preferably within one month.