Organic Wild Herbal Garrigue Syrups

Syrups de Bize Organic

Organic delights for the gourmets

It is the wild plants themselves, naturally growing on our farm, Safran de Bize, which gave rise to our intense desire to transmit, to make discover and to share the refinement of their saveurs, the subtlety of their colours, the complexity of their perfumes through carefully elaborated syrup recipes, revealing the original floral and singular notes of each plant, often misknown for their finesse.

This diversity of plants is made possible by the different types of soil of the farm : clay, calcareous and loamy.

100% natural and certified Organic and Sud de France products, the Syrups are made entirely by hand, from picking the herbs to bottling.

They are very concentrated and contain a minimum sugar, hence their large number of possible uses.

Four varieties to discover

  • Saffron:
    Saffron de Bize Herbal Syrup is associated with shellfish such as scallops, king prawns, mussels and desserts such as crème brûlée, pears and chocolate desserts.
    The Saffron de Bize Syrup can also be a great accompaniment to foie gras (a few drops by toast).
  • Thyme:
    Wild Thyme Herbal Syrup will be particularly delicious with goat cheese, red meat, black olives and red fruits desserts.
  • Bay-Leaves:
    Wild Bay-Leaves Herbal Syrup marries beautifully with fish and sauce dishes. As for desserts, it will be used notably with blueberries, bananas and pistachio or caramel ice-creams.
  • Rosemary:
    Wild Rosemary Herbal Syrup Wild will fit perfectly with lamb dishes or white meats and with desserts containing raspberry, apricot and chocolate.